The Jameson Family Camping Vacation 2016 – Day 3

RL has me mostly away, so I didn’t make it to Day 2 of the family vacation. I heard it was fun and some strange things happened.

I have no clue what took place, but the first thing I saw when I woke up and stepped out of my tent was the neighboring tent (Nikki and Teejay’s) packed with animals. We’re talking chicken, cows…I even saw a crashed cart in there. Truly bizarre.

Jameson Day 3_008

It was movie time, so I swapped my shirt and ran out to join the gang in watching Mall Cop.

Belle and I were up front, closest to the screen. She was narrating the film for those who couldn’t see it. Good ol’ handicap accessible movie watching. Love it. 😀

Mrs 19 and Ezryder were cuddled up watching too…

Jameson Day 3_004

Mika (Nikki’s daughter) was looking so cute laid up on the couch…

Jameson Day 3_006

Nikki and Teejay were also cuddled up as usual…

Jameson Day 3_010

Leafy was so adorable today with her butterfly wings. She too was watching the movie, with her puppy friend, but seemed more comfortable standing than sitting…

Jameson Day 3_016

I, on the other hand, was very comfortable sat down on the hay…

Jameson Day 3_019

Mackenzie almost hidden in a nook watching the movie…

Jameson Day 3_023

The spread was impressive. The grill looked and smelled incredible. Hot dogs, burgers, Ribs, Onions, Tomatos, Aubergines… I’m hungry just recalling it.

Somewhere in the midst of picking my burger, I got a little mischievous and decided to follow Wila. She was headed to the bathroom, so I waited and after a few minutes of being in there, I opened the door and took pictures of her. HA!

Don’t worry, Wila and I go way back with this version photobombing. It’s so hilarious and she’s a great sport.

It was a fun time and really the highlight was just seeing everyone interacting with one another.

From Belle (Jezse), the Matriach herself, in granny mode…

Jameson Day 3_049

To Belle (Jezse), in her normal “cool chick” mode…

Jameson Day 3_057

To Cordelia giving Leafy a warm cuddle…

Jameson Day 3_059

To Jacqueline (Nikki’s sister) turning up as a frog…

Jameson Day 3_054

To Jacqueline returning as a cute little girl…

Jameson Day 3_065

To Nikki doing a great job pampering Teejay…

Jameson Day 3_064

To Wila basking in family’s resistance to her decision to leave…

Jameson Day 3_060

To Aden flaunting his physique without a shirt…

Jameson Day 3_066

To Aden deciding it was perhaps in his best interest to put one on…

Jameson Day 3_079

To leafy picking her butt in-between eating her gold fish…

Jameson Day 3_075

To Birdy expertly blowing smoke out of her nose…

Jameson Day 3_071

To Mr. Anderson posing in his fly boots…

Jameson Day 3_083

And many moments in between.

The most important thing – Family!

Looking forward to the last day of camping when Taelor can get to meet some of the family and share in the final moments of togetherness.



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