Last Day at the Jameson Family Camp with Taelor

Today, my heart grew 1000 times bigger the moment I set my eyes on Taelor running down the steps to greet me.


It’s been 7 WHOLE days since I saw him. *laughing* Yes! Yes! I know. Not that long of a time, but what can I say, we’re so into our routine that not seeing him feels unnatural. I missed his giggles, his corniness, his smile, his sweetness…him!

I praaaaaayed! Boy, I prayed! I held on to him so tight and thanked God for him. For keeping him safe the whole time.

You see, he’d traveled in RL to go see his family. Holding him tight in my arms, he told me all about the fun he had. In turn, I told him all about what I’d been up to while he was away, including my trips to camp to hang with the family.

I’d not really been home to check messages or what not, so we both took a moment to listen to the machine. Six messages were waiting for us.


After checking messages, we headed on to the camp.

Sadly, when we arrived there was no body there. Just Taelor and I.

Next to our tent was a cool little one about the same size with the solar system spinning about. Taelor spotted it right away.

It looked really cool.

I showed him our tent, and his sleeping bag. Also showed him the pink bear Cordelia had given me to give to him. After hugging the bear, we sat a while.


He seemed to really enjoy the tent and the feel of the soft sleeping bag.


I must admit, it was pretty plush!

We roamed about a bit next. We went inside Nikki and Teejay’s tent. It is really a lot bigger on the inside. Well, feels that way. Taelor said that it was big enough to even fit a TV. *laughs* Bless his heart.

Moving on, we went past the yummy smell of coffee and bean stew against burning charcoal. The stew looked delicious, but we didn’t stop to have any.


Walking on past the camp fire circle and stopped by Belle (Jezse’s) sleeping spot.


Taelor was musing about the fishies when Leafy turned up with her puppy. We soon discovered that his name was Reuben.


They introduced themselves to each other. Leafy gave Taelor a butterfly companion, and soon they were showing each other their bears.


At the smell of beef cooking, we scrambled over to the table. I plated up a burger and kebab for both of them. They sat down and began eating. Taelor gave be his “stick meat”. *laughing* He called it “stick meat”. It was truly funny.


As they ate, we chatted about this and that. Leafy shared how she loves sesame seeds and saves them in her pocket for snacks to share with Reuben.

She also told us about how Cordelia has extra fingers and why she never listens to her when she’s counting. Some Bayou defect by the sounds of it.

Taelor shared how numbers get all mixed up for him when he’s counting and how he uses a system to count with his hands instead. I asked him if he knew what that term was called….the term that describes, in essence, dyslexia with numbers.

His answer:



It was a fun lunch indeed.

Leafy was still eating, so Taelor and I went to play with the targets using darts. I’ve gotta say, he’s really good at it. He got a whole lot of points.


We also spotted this really cute, rainbow colored tent. It was so pretty. A perfect camping spot for a unicorn, I think!


After that, Leafy rejoined us and her and Taelor played with skateboards. Even Reuben had a skateboard too. It was all so adorable.



The kids rested after a while and we chatted for a bit. Leafy poked fun of the North (of England)…the Northerners *says with an accent from GoT*


She’s a cool kid. I was really sad that Taelor didn’t get to meet everybody. However, meeting the adorable 5 year old Leafy was a real treat. If anything at least he met one new person to call family.

It was a shame we had to leave her, but I’d promised Taelor some “us” time watching a movie, especially since I’ll be MIA for the next few weeks. So off we went!

By the time we got home, it was dark out. We quickly got changed into pajamas. Taelor put on his super cute blue night gown.


I sat on the floor, and got a pillow down for Taelor to sit in front where I cradled him for the entire movie.

We watched The Encounter. Sobering, but necessary movie to see. I encourage you guys to definitely check it out. Sadly, it’s not available on Netflix like the sequel. I highly recommend you watch it in order as the sequel is a bit blehhh without the context of the first film.

After Taelor used the potty, we carried him up the steps to pray by his bed side. I prayed for a long time today. I really had so much to ask and tell God, particularly as I’ll be gone. I really feel like I’m leaving my child all by himself! However, after praying, I feel confident that I have left him with God who is far more capable of caring for him than I ever was or am.


So, all will be well. As I tucked him in, I held tight in faith that truly, all is well.


PS: If you see Taelor out and about while I’m away, do me a favor and please be extra sweet and kind to him. I’ll be most grateful. ❤

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