Nikki Weds TeeJay

Gosh, so much has happened in one week. So much for keeping my head down and focusing on RL studies. It seems that there still is so much to get into in my absence from SL as there is in my presence.

This week, I got adopted into the Jameson family! Whoohoo. Taelor now has the most loving and involved grandma that ever lived, not to mention an exponential growth in the number of cousins, aunties and uncles a little boy could ever hope to have.

Our family was big before before…I mean it was us two, his Uncle Shakespeare (my brother), his Uncle Adam (my brother), his Aunty River (my sister) and Aunty Ema, his cousins (Siddy, Poppy, Sami, and other close friends that are family to us.

But now, I can’t even begin to count the people we can now count as family, and generations that come with it. The gamut is vast and rich with love and very interesting characters. It’s going to be a Mistwallow adventure into the world of Jameson. We’re very excited.

To top things off, we were invited to our very first Jameson event. The wedding of our Nikki Jameson to her beloved husband Teejay.

My mom is Belle (how cool to have the same name as my mom, right?). Right now, she’s calling herself Jazse. Anyway, mom has 5 kids. Birdy, Nush, Adam, Chance and now me. Chance’s daughter is Nikki, and she’s just so lovely. I met her at the family camping vacation last week, and remember her being very friendly and funny.

I was super excited getting a message from her the other day about the wedding. She mentioned knowing that I was busy at this time, but it really meant a lot that she would ask me still. I promised I would make a way to be there, and I’m so glad that I did.

When I told Taelor that we’d be going, he was so happy. Not just cause we’d be getting to see each other in the middle of my mini SL sabbatical, but he also was excited at the opportunity to meet our new family.

I woke up super early and got myself washed and dressed. Taelor must have heard me rummaging through my closet and woke up. I heard tapping on my door, followed by his little voice asking if I was up. I swung open the door and scooped him up in a big hug.

It was so good to see him again.

We caught up in no time, telling each other about our week. It was so good to chit chat with my favorite lil’guy.

Ballet was at 3 pm today at Little Toes Dance Academy. It was the Mommy and Child class, so we both got dressed and ready.

I finished getting dressed first, and began tinkling at the piano to while away some time.

Nikki's wedding_003

Taelor joined me when he was done washing up and brushing his teeth and we played together for a while. A few missed notes here and there but ultimately, it was so nice.

Naturally, I tickled him majorly afterwards until there were squeals.

Nikki's wedding_008

After playing horsey for a little while, and I fake gnawed on him pretending to eat him up, it was time to start making our way to the dance studio for class.

We arrived about a minute late, but still managed to get our places in the line up.

An hour later, class ended. Today had been especially great. We did all the dances taught in the class, including ballet.

After Taelor had given his hugs to Ms Tati, we headed on home but detoured to fetch a pretty new dress and sandals ideal for an out door spring wedding.

The moment we got near, Taelor fell in love!

I must say, I did too. The store was like a sugar pill for the eyes. You’d even want to wear the furniture not just the clothes. Truly a job well done by Turducken.

Nikki's wedding_099

In all the excitement, Taelor purchased the same dress twice, but we’re hopeful the owner will resolve this mishap for him soon. If all goes well with that, we most certainly will be back.

By the time we got home, it was just a few minutes past 5pm. We had plenty of time to take our time and get to the wedding venue 30 minutes early to get our seats. That was the plan, so we did.

Taelor wore his new dress and shoes, and I found my flower hat, pineapple slingbacks and a simple crochet topped dress that was perfect for the wedding.

Nikki's wedding_100

Adam had sent the address to the wedding earlier and I had already called the taxi to arrive at our door for 5:30 pm,  so I was pretty relaxed as I did my makeup.

Taelor came to check on me when he was done. And gave an adorable curtsey when I told him just how pretty he looked!

Nikki's wedding_102

It was such a special day so I gave him a treat and put squirted some of my perfume on his wrist and behind his ears. I also put some clear lip balm on his lips. He seemed so tickled with that, even if slightly disappointed it wasn’t lipstick. I told him he can put lipstick on when he turns 150 or at his wedding. <laughs> He took solace in the shininess of the lip gloss, and I compensated by dabbing and rubbing in some red lipstick on his cheek till it was faded enough to only cast a slight hue of pink.

Nikki's wedding_101

He felt so pretty after that! And looked it too! From his feet to his head.

The taxi came, and off we went!

Arriving at the venue took our breath away. It was ….PERFECT!

I knew it was an outdoor wedding, but never fathomed it would look so completely perfect.

Nikki's wedding_112

We walked down the canopy of trees with lights, surrounded by sunflowers in the fields yonder. Good heavens, it was like heaven. We couldn’t help but wonder into the field a bit.

Nikki's wedding_114

I love flowers, but Taelor is by far a bigger flower lover than me. By the look on his face, he was truly in heaven!

We made it to our seats and sat behind my sister, Birdy, and her daughter, Leafy. They both were in white and looked so very pretty!

Nikki's wedding_118

There were some familiar faces like my mom, Belle, Aunty Cordelia, Adam (brother), Damien (nephew), Birdy (sister), Leafy (niece), Nush (sister), Wila (friend) and Aden (cousin). However, there was  a sea of new faces, most of which were relatives. Like Uncle Eli (mom’s brother), Great Uncle Malik (Aunty Cordelia’s uncle on her dad’s side), Chance (brother), Lyssa (the bride’s mom) and many many others.

Taelor looked fine, but I knew he was overwhelmed, and who could blame him? I needed a mini computer to keep track. Fortunately, we have forever to learn everyone’s name. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I held him on my lap to keep him feeling secure and calm, and also for him to have a better vantage point once the procession begins.

Nikki's wedding_115

What I found awesome was how everyone looked and spoke different, but all had one primary objective “Be there for family”. It wasn’t said in so many words, but you could just feel it, you know?

As I pondered to myself, mom walked up and stood behind the pulpit. She looked awesome!

Nikki's wedding_130

I feel like I should take a paragraph to talk specifically about how fly my mom always looks, but this post is about Nikki’s wedding and I’ve yammered on for several paragraphs and have yet to even get to that part yet. Suffice it to say, my mom is very impressive with what she wears, and if you think that’s all, there’s more to try on for size.

For instance, she officiated the wedding!

To anyone there, it would never be obvious that she only recently got her licence and that this was her first wedding to perform, because she did an excellent job. She was confident, eloquent, strong and everything she said was authentic and held significance.

Nikki's wedding_168

If I ever get married in SL, I would want her to do it for sure.

The procession began! It was so solemn and everyone looked so beautiful!

The train made their way to the platform before Nikki began her walk down to her patiently waiting husband, Teejay. She was accompanied by her dad, Chance, and her mom, Lyssa. It was truly a very special moment.

Nikki's wedding_144

Mom began the very personal ceremony with antidotes about Nikki, and her experiences bonding with her as she grew up into the adult she is today. She also shared about how Teejay’s personality won over the family, and raved about his respectful nature.

Nikki's wedding_161

It was truly very special, and there was so much love expressed. You couldn’t help but shed a tear. I shed a few myself.

Nikki and Teejay wrote their own vows and read them to each other (with Mom’s help). Whoever wasn’t already crying from Mom’s words, definitely didn’t make it past the last word read by Teejay as his vows concluded that portion of the evening. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara!

Soon, Mom pronounced them married, they kissed and then the dancing down the aisle began.

Nikki's wedding_188

It was so fun watching them rejoice. What a great idea it was to dance after being pronounced man and wife. The moment was definitely worth rejoicing in and being glad.


The barn was spectacular. We arrived to find the bride and groom just starting on their first dance as man and wife.

Nikki's wedding_205

They danced to live sung music by someone from the family. It was so so sweeettttt!

Nikki's wedding_215

The bride later danced with her father.

Nikki's wedding_221

Then the groom danced with his mom.

Nikki's wedding_225

Mom danced while Aden licked his lips.

Nikki's wedding_235

Wila danced, but I think she really just needed the toilet.

Nikki's wedding_199

Aunty Cordelia danced with her Uncle Malik.

Nikki's wedding_245

Mommy checking out the scene and totally owning the space. She is just so cool! 😀

Nikki's wedding_236

Taelor and I put on our happy feet and woke up the floor.

Nikki's wedding_232

The new couple boogeying away.

Nikki's wedding_237

Leafy busted moves.

Nikki's wedding_251

Everyone was having such a good time that time flew by.

After our goodbyes and our safe trip home, we were in great spirits but pretty exhausted. After he changed for bed, I scooped him up and we talked about just how wonderful the night had been.

Nikki's wedding_253

I was so proud of him. With that much of a crowd, I was so happy to see him manage without even squeezing my hand nervously. My 9 year old ray of sunshine is truly growing up, bit by bit.

We said our bed time prayers and soon after, I was tucking him in for the night. It didn’t take long before he was fast asleep.

Truly a lovely day.

Many Congratulations, once again, to Nikki and Teejay. May your love create love.

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      Awww. Thanks so much. You’re so sweet.
      Of course I don’t mind.
      For our day, it was at the default sim setting. But for the wedding, if I recall correctly, I used “Gwen’s Light”.


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