Bonding over Fireworks with Tatch

So today was a fluke. I managed to get online. My application was more or less done and being reviewed by a friend, so I decided to sneak online for a wee bit to help my niece, Nikki, with some running around. I had managed to convince her to move to Bay City, so thought I would make myself somewhat available to help close the deal with one of the realtors in the area.

Once the deed was done, I tried to sneak off back to RL, but was stopped by a call from one of my kiddie buddies, Mari, inviting me to her summer fireworks extravaganza.

Being as I’d not really hung out with Bay City folks in a while (due to my RL studying), I thought I’d put a sock in my plans for an OITNB marathon.

Earlier in the week, I’d met my brother’s son – Tatch. What a lovely little friendly boy!

I decided to call him to see if he was free! He does like things that go BOOM, so I figured if he was awake and free, it’d be a sure bet. It was.

In a moment, he was there and we sat down to watch the amazing display of lights, rockets, smokey explosions and sparks.

There was music by GoSpeed Racer, and everyone was in great spirits.


There were some other kids there. I even spotted another little friend of mine, Skippy.

Tatch sat by me, amazing at the demonstration.


I let him have cotton candy and ginger ale. Yes, a lot of sugar, but it was a Saturday so that’s okay.



After all the fun, I took him home safely.


He saw me to the door, and was sure to lock up behind me.


What a lovely night to get to bond with my nephew.

I really can’t wait for him and Taelor to meet. I really think they’re gonna like each other.


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