Swimming at Adam’s

Oh how I’ve been looking forward to this day. I’d been looking forward to introducing my brother’s son, Tatch, to Taelor. From the chat I’d had with the boy, I knew he wasn’t one of those “jerky kids” who prefer to be mean as their form of bonding. Realizing that, I felt comfortable throwing them together to make friends.

I’d also been looking forward to going for a swim. Since Adam (my brother) had a pool, it made perfect sense to have a swimming playdate for the kids. So, that’s what we did.

Our day started with a few chores and errands. Taelor’s birdies had fallen sick and needed vitamins.


I waited and watched him gently feed each bird a vitamin pill. It must have been tasty, ’cause they crushed them with their little beaks and ate them up.

They perked up almost instantly. What a relief! They were going to be just fine.


Taelor had written a letter to his friends, Mari and Pygar, and to his gramma too, so before heading to my brother’s we would have to stop by the post office to mail them.


Off we went to our car port, hopped into our car and headed out down the road to Falconmoon.


There was free parking…


The post office was empty, but we were able to get some stamps from the counter…


Then off we went to the mail box to post our letters.


The drive to Adam’s wasn’t too long. We arrived safely and walked round to the front of the house, spotting a cool bike assumed to be Tatch’s…


And an adorable cat napping on the porch…


After ringing the door bell, we were greeted by Tatch, then Adam. We introduced our boys to each other and despite shyness on, I’m sure, both their parts, they managed to say a few sentences to each other.


Tatch showed us to Adam’s room to change into our bathing suits, then he ran off to change himself.


They both looked adorable once changed. Tatch with his shark floatie…


And Taelor with his arm band floatie and cute swimming cap that matched with mine…


We got into the water, and I did quite a bit of harassing as I splashed them.


While taking a break from that, I look up and there’s my buddy Wila. She was visiting Adam and heard the commotion by the pool and decided to join us.


She jumped in and claimed a floating tube…


Her daughter, Kindred, wasn’t far behind. Our little pool date was slowly turning into a pool party. *grins*


Wila and I tag teamed with harassing the kids. We plotted then split up, under water, to tickle toes and grab little kiddy dangling feet.


Suffice it to say there was a lot of kicking, splashing, squealing and giggling. It was so much fun!

One of Tatch’s friends even turned up to join us. Sadly, I forget her name, but she seemed like a nice kiddo.


Evening arrived in no time. Funny how time flies when you’re having fun. It was time to get dried up and head home.


Once I had Taelor wrapped in his towel, we went to say good night to Adam who saw us out.


At home, Taelor washed up and got ready for bed.


We headed to the kitchen where we saw that my mom (his gramma) had left us some yummy treats!!!


It was too late to eat any of it, especially after Taelor already brushed his teeth, but we sniffed it to our hearts content. Delicious smelling stuff! Can’t wait to devour it.

We went up to pray together…


Then I tucked him to bed…


It didn’t take long before he was fast asleep – smiling.


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