Day with Uncle Malik – SLB13 – Dinner with Mom – Fireworks

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning!

Today we celebrate Second Life’s Birthday. HURRAY! Technically, the celebration has been on for about a week or so, but today was the day I had time to head on to the celebration grounds hosting SLB13! What’s neat is just how close to July 4th it is, so we get to celebrate that also.

Today is also the day I invited mommy over for dinner followed by fireworks by Mari. We’d be getting the whole family to meet us there too. Such an exciting day ahead, but for dinner mom said she would bring desert. It was still up to me to cook, so getting groceries was definitely on my list of to-dos before heading to the celebration.

First things first though…my morning hug *grins*!


Taelor had woken up and gotten dressed by the time I bumped into him by the stair case.


He was wearing an outfit his Aunty Ema had made for him, and I knew it had everything to do with him seeing his Gramma later. He’s still getting to know her, but I can tell he just adores her already. Read the t-shirt if you have any doubts.


He didn’t have shoes on yet, so we went back to his room where I helped him decide which shade of green shoes went well with his outfit. He put on a shoe from each set then we compared together.


We finally decided on the lighter shade.


We went to check our messages. We had 3…


Just as we were leaving the house, our door bell rang! It was Uncle Malik! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! He’d come to spend the day with us. Shirtless and all.


It would appear that the fellas in my family have an exceptionally strong desire to remain unclad from the waist up. Far be it from me to tell my Uncle what to do. But I do worry about them all come winter time.

Anyway, the moment he stepped into our hallway, Taelor went right up and hugged him!


I’ll admit, this shocked even me! My Taelor is very friendly, but he’s also very shy and hesitant of grown up people he doesn’t know. Especially males. So when he boldly marched up to Uncle Malik and hugged him, knowing he had just lost Aunty Cordy, I was beyond proud – I was inspired. That he would put his own preferences aside to comfort someone else truly touched my heart.

We told Uncle Malik of our plans for our very full day, and he was more than happy to tag along so we got in the car.


This made me so so happy, cause I really want to spend time getting to know each person in my enormous family. This was an awesome start!

First stop was at the Greater Good grocery store in Truro.


I picked up some things for the house, but focused more on the bits that were missing from what I needed to make pizza and a garden salad.


I paid, and got the groceries bagged.


Uncle Malik helped carry the bag as we headed back to the car. Next stop – SLB13. WhoooHooooooooo!

We were met by this cool, giant book of stories when we landed.


Then got handed some very cool keepsakes – a feathered hat and a flag.


With that we began our exploring, finding a treasure chest with gold…


A beautiful AND colorful cake-like castle treasure…


A cat floating with the aid of a balloon, which Uncle Malik couldn’t resist sitting on…


And then a huge bouquet of flowers resting on a pedestal…


My Princess Taelor happily snatched it up, and insisted on it taking home…


We continued exploring and bumped into a very pretty parrot. I left my purse in the car, so didn’t have any crackers on me to offer the little guy.


As we walked on, something magical happened. Suddenly…out of no where…a zebra unicorn appeared.



We were mesmerized and took some time to make friends with him. He told us about how, despite being special, he wasn’t appreciated and was always chased away. It really saddened us to hear that. It made all the difference that we were able to show him some love, considering his life of rejection.

As suddenly as he had appeared, he disappeared. So, we continued and found ourselves on a ledge with two ways forward – down or stepping into the unknown!


Bravely we stepped into the unknown and found ourselves in the most magical, and (quite literally) sweetest  of places ever.


Stepping through a sea of what felt and tasted like icing, we explored this very colorful cake land. I watched as Taelor happily roamed around the sugary land – happy! I’m sure the sugar had a lot to do with that! *laughing*


He tossed his hat then crowned himself with a very pretty and sugary crown!


It was official! He was now the Princess of this Cake Land! Yup! I said so! *laughing*

With that, our time at SLB13 came to an end. Dinner was at 7pm, and it was now 6pm and I needed to start cooking soon. So got back in the car and rushed home.

Uncle Malik and Taelor went on ahead while I got the groceries out of the car.


Taelor took his Grand Uncle (now Gruncle) all over the house as I unpacked the bag and began cooking.

I heard him going from room to room explaining all sorts, with Uncle asking him questions. They both were just so comfortable with each other from what I could hear, and it made me so glad.

Mom called me when she was near! Thankfully, I was almost done. I’d made the pizza and the salad, but needed to set the table. In fact, that was when the doorbell rang. Right in the middle of setting the table.


I heard Taelor run down to get the door. When I saw mom enter the kitchen carrying 4 HUGE boxes of pie, I nearly fainted.


That’s my mom. Go big or go home. Besides, you can NEVER have too much pie!!!


It was so good seeing her and here…in my house. I was a bit shy at first, cause well…I dunno…I guess every child wants to impress their parent? I dunno *shrugs and blushes*

Anyway, mom didn’t just turn up with the pie, she brought a present for Taelor too. I was busy setting the table frantically, so only overheard but didn’t quite see what she gave him. All I know was that Taelor dashed upstairs quickly saying he had something for her!

He returned carrying the bunch of roses he had collected and clung to for hours just for her.


Just so sweet! ❤

Soon we were sat down to eat, but first we held hands and said grace together. Taelor said it.



Dinner was so nice. Not really cause of the food or drinks, but I was beaming just being around these people. My son, my mom and my uncle!

It made me so happy. It also helped that no one said anything bad about food. WHEW!

Despite picking all his raw onions off his plate, like he always does, Taelor finished his entire salad!


Desert time! Finally. The pie! The pie was….okay. I can’t explain it, so I’ll just go ahead and say that I’m sorry you weren’t there. You missed out, and that’s that!

I was having so much fun, and what do you know …time flew by…again. We started getting calls from our family wondering where we were.

A Majority of them were already at the fireworks, so we called a taxi and made our way.


My niece (and Aunty), Leafy, was there!


My nephew, Tatch, was there!


My niece (and Aunty), Trudy, was there!


My nephew-in-law, Teejay, was there with his wife, my niece, Nikki!


Basically, I saw my family everywhere we turned!

The place was packed.


There literally was no place to sit, so Taelor and I stood in amazement at the fireworks.



Marianne was really in her element that night. She loves a big BOOM, and she surely gave us that!


What a day! It was packed with so so much! I’m full of gratitude and happiness. Taelor too. He beamed as he napped on my shoulder as we headed home, and once washed up, he chattered on about how much fun he’d had.


We prayed together…


And soon I was tucking him into bed.


He was out like a light, and so was I, the instant I collapsed happily on my bed.

Best day ever!

PS: My camera went nutso half way through the day. Thank you mom (Jezse Belle Jameson) for the photos you took that I’ve pinched for this blog. Love you ❤ 

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