Taelor dances at a recital

I’ve always known that there’s very little I wouldn’t do for my son, Taelor. Apparently, that list shrinks by the day. So much so that I found myself racing through real life, dodging traffic, logging my laptop around from a meeting to the nearest internet providing space JUST to make sure I was there to see him dance.

Ever since he began his ballet and dance journey, I promised myself that I would NEVER miss a recital. I’d been fortunate enough to be a part of some of them, but in this case I was not. However, it was no reason why I would allow myself to miss it. Fortunately, I found a library that had reasonable internet. But then Murphy’s law went into effect as the library announced an early closing.

I went into emergency mode and drove to a near by arts center that was on the campus of my alma mater. Like a desperate robber, I shook the doors, looking for one that might be open! There was! The building was empty and the hallways echoed. I was looking for a sitting area, and so I found one and put my laptop on. Alas, the internet signal was weak!

So I jumped up, sweating desperately, knowing that any minute now my baby would be on stage and I would miss him. Heck no! I ran with my laptop in me arms before finding a sweet spot that afforded me 4 bars of signal! Good enough! There I was…sat on the cold floors of the steps, with my laptop in my lap, in a building that should have been closed, and no ID permitting me to even be there. Yup! Risked it and I never got caught. What I did get was to see my darling son do a dance. ❤

Ballet Recital_003

I settled down in my seat in the crowd. I had an empty memory card in my camera and spare batteries. I was ready, and the bouncing on my seat indicated my severe excitement!

Ballet Recital_001

The place began to fill up when suddenly I hear Nikki’s voice.

Ballet Recital_007

She had come bearing flowers for Taelor. I was so glad to have the company as we waited.

Ballet Recital_010


So many adorable dancers doing solos graced the stage. Selfishly, I couldn’t take any photos of them and risk running out of memory on my card. I was here for my son. ((In reality, this was when I was racing about trying to find a place with a stronger internet signal, so I missed most of the show. Thank GOD the dance Taelor was in was scheduled for the end – the finale 😀 ))

Then suddenly it began. The music turned and the curtains drew open for the last time, showing a stage full of little angels. They danced perfectly. Most of them remembered their steps and kept in unison. It was such a sight.

Ballet Recital_020

My favorite part was when they went from ballet to hip-hop. The transition was absolutely captivating and fun. You could tell by the grins that they all were so happy and rightly proud of themselves.

At the end, I was on my feet – CLAPPING! Like a groupie! It took everything in me not to scream out.

Ballet Recital_034

Okay, I lied. I did scream out a few times, but I don’t care. That was MY baby up there dancing his heart out. Well, with other awesome kids, yes, sure.

They curtsied and got all the applause they deserved from the audience.

Ballet Recital_036

I needed my hugs for sure! It was so good to have made it and to see him so happy.

Ballet Recital_040

He hugged Ms Tati…

Ballet Recital_041

Then Nikki said her congratulations and gave him his flowers. 😀

Ballet Recital_042

He really loved it. Yellow being his favorite color, sunflowers tick a major approval box.

Ballet Recital_045

I let him stay behind to play with his friends. ((In reality, I had to go before I was captured in RL for trespassing in the name of free internet…LOL))

That night, I went to sleep feeling so proud and so fulfilled. ❤

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