Arriving at the Jameson Summer Vacation

Today was dance class. Well, it was meant to be, so like always I got Taelor ready and we headed to the school. But, when we arrived, it was to an empty room. Apparently, they had cancelled the class and the only people who didn’t know was me and my overzealous ballerina son.

This was a blessing in disguise, because it meant that we would make our flight on time. Although everyone was meant to arrive tomorrow, today was the only day with a flight out of Bay City to get us to the Jameson Family Summer Vacation spot.

There was a slight chance we would miss our flight, but now with the class being cancelled, I was sure we would make it. So, we quickly rushed back home and I stuffed some last minute things in our suitcases, then off we went!

We arrived at the welcome center and it was so quiet. Check-in was effortless. We received a key to our cabin, along with directions on how to get there – by boat.

Sailing over the water was just so blissful. The sound of the water lapping around us, on this warm breezy night with the moon looking so big and bright…yeah, blissful is the word.

On arrival, we saw our cabin was a cute little open plan space with two beds, a kitchenette and bathroom area. It was perfect for two of us.

I quickly unpacked our things so Taelor could shower and get ready for bed.

My arms hurt a little bit to be honest. It was a busy and exhausting journey, but it was so quiet and relaxing being so far out in the heart of nature. I napped a bit, while stood up waiting for Taelor to finish getting dressed for bed.

I managed to stay awake long enough to get us prayed up and have my little boy tucked away for the night.

That night, we both slept sweetly to the sounds of hooting owls, churpin’ crickets and the gentle rattle of the wind against our windows. We slept well indeed.

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