Jameson Summer Vacation – Day 1

When Taelor and I woke up today to the sounds of distant laughs and chattering in the woods, we know our family had all begun to arrive and making their way to their cabins.


We had breakfast and stayed in all day, resting from the trip.

After a few hours, I decided to go out to find them and engage in a few hours of silliness with them.

I sat in the boat with my darling niece, Nikki, while her husband sailed the boat for us.


Then, I jumped boats and landed in my Uncle Malik’s and harassed him until he agreed to carry my on his back.

My brother, Adam, was relaxing with his adorable son, Tatch.

Soon after, I did what all good aunties do – induce laughter by way of tickles. He negotiated his way out, but I still wound up with a great big hug.


Fun times. 🙂

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