Jameson Summer Vacation – Day 2

I woke up and went for a morning swim in the lake. It was super early and Taelor was fast asleep when I stepped out.

I must have been gone for a long time, because by the time I returned, he was not only awake but fully dressed.

Naturally, there is no movement until I’ve gotten my hugs.

Soon after, there was a knock on the door! It was Siddy! We were on the way to the family gathering, so we took Siddy along with us.

Everyone was at the party, including a very raunchy Jamaican DJ who although very very entertaining, was not at all kid friendly. She had me blushing a lot. Fortunately, she used terms that went over the heads of the kids. So despite getting very embarrassing questions like “What is a poom poom?” from my son, nieces and nephews, it wound up fairly harmless.

Story time by the bonfire was next, but it was bed time for Taelor and I really didn’t want him exposed to scary stories anyway. So after saying goodnight to Siddy, we headed to our cabin for him to wash up and get changed into his nighty.

After prayers, I tucked him in and soon he was fast asleep.

I crept out to join the rest of the family and listened to scary stories all night. It was a bit spooky. I even told a few scary ones myself, but nothing as scary as some of what I heard. I was so glad I didn’t let Taelor come.

It was so spooky that I made Uncle Malik tuck me into bed. Don’t laugh! I’m a bit overgrown, sure. But still, don’t laugh.

*sleeps with the lights on*

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