Jameson Summer Vacation – Day 3

Taelor will be performing tomorrow for our family in a dance with his dance troop from the Little Toes Dance Academy, so today he needed to go rehearse.

I put him in a chattered taxi, then went to the lake to hang out with the family.

They were playing games, but to be honest my mind was on Taelor. Soon as I heard his taxi had delivered him safely into the hands of Ms. Tati – the dance teacher – I relaxed and was able to participate in the quiz game.

After a few hours a taxi pulls up and he pops out and joins us for a while before it’s time for his bed time.

He manages to answer one or two quiz questions too. He’s a smart little nipper.

Bed time came quickly, so we headed back to the cabin to get him ready. He got changed into his lovely Sleepy Beauty nighty, then after bed time prayers, I tucked him away for the night.

After that, I went back to hang with the family. My buddy, Jett, came to join in the games too. It was such a nice time.

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