Jameson Summer Vacation – Day 4

Today was the performance! YAY!

Taelor woke up a little nervous. Considering her was going to be the star of the show, he had every right to be. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that we were talking about how much the idea of doing a solo scared him. As always, I try to teach him to believe in himself and to believe in God’s strength in our weakness, so when Ms. Tati hinted at possibly getting him to do a solo, I was thrilled that he would have an opportunity to be challenged to push past that fear.

So here he was, mentally preparing and I couldn’t be prouder.

Nikki even popped over to be of good cheer.

Soon as he settled down a bit and felt a little less nervous, we headed to the ground with the stage and he went on back stage with Ms. Tati and his dance mates.


Everyone started arriving and soon the show began.

Can I just say that I lost my voice after all my screams and clapping. I am one proud mama! He danced the first dance with the group, then did the solo with such gusto that you would never have guessed just how nervous he was.

Soon as it was over, I rushed over to celebrate with him. The family did too, and he was lit up with smiles as everyone congratulated him on a job well done.

They gave him a crown and flowers, along with hugs and kisses.

After all the hooplah and socializing, night time came quickly. We headed on back to the cabin to get ready for bed time. Soon as we were done praying, I tucked him away into bed.

It really didn’t take long before he was purring away, fast asleep.

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