Taelor and Isaac go shopping


Today Taelor’s bestie, Isaac, decided to pop over to hang out with us for the day. I know this because the door bell rang and Taelor dashed to open it and there he was…in our door way, with a big ol’ grin.

I just love it when he comes by. Him and Taelor get on so well, and they seem to bring out the best in each other. As a mom, and former caretaker for Isaac, well…you can only imagine how much joy that brings me. I’d pretty much give them anything they’d want to eat or drink, but don’t you go tellin’ them that.

We all sat in the living room, and they chatted away. Something so sweet about little kids voices in conversation. Precious! I got some refreshments on the table for them.

After a hanging out for a while, I huddled them in my little yellow car and headed to the mall to go shopping for some clothes and any cute stuff.

Nothing like a bit of retail therapy…

Isaac got some stuff for his sister, Kit, and I got Taelor a BEAUTIFUL dress made by Grace Amalthea Snow (yume.carami).


Now, I don’t usually name drop, but I am this time because the dress we saw wasn’t in Taelor’s size (TD KID). It was only in a size for babies. However, with one quick call, Grace was kind enough to send one made in the exact size needed to fit my son, and she did it with…grace! She was so professional, courteous and kind. It makes me really happy to shop at her store any day, knowing she values her customers, and understands that those who are slightly bigger thank the (TD) babies also adore her clothing.

So, I encourage you to shop at her store Clair de Lune. She’s a good’un.

After all that shopping therapy, we went home. It was pretty much Taelor’s bed time.

He was really excited to put on his new pajamas with the frilly bottoms, and I was pleased that they fit him perfectly.

Isaac said his good nights and they hugged up before I whisked Taelor off to his bed for the night.


Earlier that morning, his grandma had a cute chair delivered. He just finally got to see it and gave it big plushy hugs too.


After that, I took him to his bed side and we said our prayers, before I tucked him to bed.

Call me crazy, but after that, I took Isaac out and let him practice his driving with my car. ((trust me, there was a RL relevance to this experience 😀 ))

He did a great job driving under supervision. Even though we did get stopped by the police, were very lucky to spot a Pokemon on the way.

All in all, a great day.

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