Embra! Oh, Embra!

When I woke up today and stepped foot out of my door, my daughter screamed “DON’T LOOK!”

I froze! Then I took a few steps back into my room to wait. I wondered what she was doing, and after listening to a lot of strange noises emanating from her room, I must admit that I was desperate to get in there and see what she was up to with my own eyes.

Well! Be careful what you wish for because soon she came to get me from where I was, sporting a grin. She started talking about other things, and I must admit I was halfway listening and halfway wondering just WHAT she had been up to. Finally, I blurted out “What was going on? What have you been up to?” She went on to tell me about how she woke up with a fairy in her room.

Oh boy!

You may know that I have a son, Taelor, who also has an incredible imagination. He’s my little princess and I often coin him the Princess of the Fairies, because the fairies are in charge of the butterflies, and he can talk to the fairies. Did I also mention that he is half fairy? By that I do mean the half that is not half unicorn, mermaid, cat and a host of other cute things!

So when my daughter said this, I instantly realized that I am screwed! Yes! I am outnumbered by two very imaginative children, and I am – without a doubt – in over my head. HAHAHA

I indulged her and listened to the story of her new visitor. Apparently, this fairy is a fugitive. Some monsters consider her tasty and so they are after her, wanting to eat her. Knowing just how phobic my daughter is about being eaten, I was all the more convinced that this was a figment of her own fears and imagination. A figment she apparently was taking great pleasure in because she was very excited about her new visitor.

Anyway, I decided that I wanted to see this fairy person, so we went to her room!

Can I just say that I am still in shock? Apparently, the fairy – oh, her name is Embra – turned the room into a place that was more appropriate for her – a forest!

I asked to see Embra! Oh I had every mind to wag my finger at her, but then Kit said only children can see and talk to her! How convenient! I didn’t know whether to panic or whether to smile. After seeing my daughter’s big grin, I managed to keep a smile on my face and hid all my internal screams!

“HOW IN HEAVENS WILL I CLEAN THIS ROOM AND GET RID OF THE SAND AND WATER?” Yup! That’s all I was and still am thinking!!!

I explored the little forest and learned a few things.

  1. The fire can be touched
  2. There may or may not be fishes in the river.

*rubs temple* I have a headache now.

Send help! Better yet, somebody please come and get Embra out of my house before she wonders to any other rooms!

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