Imagination Troubles

Every night it’s the same ol’dance – get Taelor tucked into bed, then spend an hour or 5 chasing Kit to get to sleep herself.

Sometimes she just stands there and pouts, but this time she made a run for it the moment I looked up from her brother’s bed side.

Down the steps and to the basement. I chased her and found her crouched behind the drums. Before I could even reach for her, she took off like a bullet! The thing about being so little and so fast…well, let me just say that it takes GREAT effort to catch her.

It was in our cuddle room that I finally nabbed her. Right after I had been tricked to go outside in the night to search then spotting her hiding behind one of the couches in the living room.

“I don’t wanna go to bed!” That’s what she said as I quickly snatched her up in my arms. I asked her “Why” to which she blurted out “I don’t want to.” That wasn’t at all a good enough excuse, so she offered one she considered to be good, “I’m not sleepy.” Well, that wasn’t a good answer either, so she offered a final one “The bed is trying to eat me!”

Now, silly as it may be, what sort of mother would I be to send her child off to a bed she believes is trying to eat her. Suffice it to say, there was no such thing to ever happen, but she seemed very convincing in her worries.

Still, we marched on up those stairs! I was determined! I even offered her my bed, but oh no…even my bed had attempted to eat her many times, she said.

Long story short…it took my sister Bitter’s encouragement via text…

Hi Kit. I am Auntie Bitter and I promise you there is nothing to worry about. I know all the monsters the good one and the bad ones. Sometimes our beds are so happy to see us they snuggle us up….I promise it is not trying to eat you. It just wants to snuggle you up and keep you safe.   Also sometimes if you leave cookies under the bed it will keep all spooky things away…they just want cookies and then they leave. Sweet dreams lil one

…and some very feisty war cries in her battle gear to get her to finally fall asleep.


Oh this child makes me laugh and ponder. Her imagination gets her in all kinds of binds. I hope this is the end to the monster beds! She has destroyed them! \o/

Bring on tomorrow’s bedtime! *rubs temple*

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