Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed & Breakfast

  • Belle’s Botanical Bed & Breakfast will be open soon.

    Read what the press is saying so far. 🙂

    Virtually Sheree

    Bay City: Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed & Breakfast


    Dear Readers,

    I would like to share with you a new business venture in Second Life which is friendly to all people who would like to spend a holiday as guests in a bed and breakfast or as I’m use to, B&B.

    Tucked away in a neat parcel alongside a canal is a young family owned establishment managed by, Belle with the company of her two bright and very cute children, Taelor(son) and Kit(daughter). Together they give us Second Lifer’s a beautiful B&B called, Belle’s Botanical Garden Bed & Breakfast at Bay City – Handa.

    Snapshot_062The Mistwallow Jameson Family(left to right); Kit, Belle and Taelor

    I feel very lucky to have met Belle’s family who I hope to meet again at any time. I swear I could keep them for myself. You heard that right. Free range Sheree said that.

    Opening up…

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