Kit goes to an Amusement Park

What an exciting day today was for my son, Kit. Clearly it was because he woke up EARLY, got dressed and before I knew it, his friend, Jennah, was over at our house.

I was still very much in bed when I heard all the chatter in the hallway outside my room. By the sound of the number of voices, I could tell that Taelor was awake too.

Remembering that today was the Saturday he’s waited for all week, I decided I’d shake a leg and not be the reason he would be late. He had received an invitation to join some friends going on an excursion to an amusement park.

Considering we live in Bay City, home to the most amazing amusement park of them all – Hippo Park – I really couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. But who am I to get in the way of an 8 year old and his amusement park fun with his 5 year old buddy.

Taelor and I would stay home and have a fun day in our own way. He’s 15 right now, and turning into quite the fashionista. Judging by how well put together he was today, something tells me he was okay with not going along with them. Why risk messing up a perfectly good ensemble and hair do, am I right?

Anyway, Kit said that the group would be sending a taxi for him and Jennah. I didn’t really like that. I really like knowing EXACTLY where my kids are, but I figured it was okay. It’s just the amusement park. Besides, I didn’t want to embarrass Kit by riding along.

So, Tae and I waited outside with them for a taxi.

I promised Jennah some ice-cream once they get back from the outing, and she seemed to be tickled pink by that.

As soon as the taxi came is as soon as they left. But after hugs, of course!

Seemed like it was an Uber share in a van, because there were a few other kids in the car. I felt relieve, but I can’t wait till Kit gets home this evening to tell us how it went. He loves amusement parks. I’m sure he’s going to have a great time.

Tae and I will wait…


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