Looking for Kit

Kit never did come home that night…or the next.

I put out posters the next night, but after not hearing anything for almost 72 hours, I was sick to my stomach.

Kit is Missing

The police had made their reports, sure. But as far as I was concerned, they were moving like quick sand since they hadn’t brought my baby home.

Taelor and I were both talking about Kit and finding him our own way.

Right before Kit left, I remember him putting on the ID card I had made for him and Taelor many years ago when they were 3 or 4. At that time, we had only been living in the Bay City area for a short time, and the neighborhood was so appealing that Kit was constantly out and about exploring on his own. For that reason, I had tracking chips put in the ID badges, courtesy of a company called Kidder Controller.

It had been years since I checked the app. I honestly thought I had cancelled my account with them. It was such a cheap subscription that I never noticed it still being charged on my card for all the years, and thank goodness for that!

It took Taelor saying the simple words “But what about the chip, mom?” for epiphany to dawn that Kit DID take his ID card with him!

In a flash, we both ran up to Kit’s room.

Taelor seemed very comfortable getting into Kit’s computer. He bypassed the login somehow, and after resisting the urge to play mine craft, he was soon pulling up the Kidder Controller website.


BOOM! A location for Kit was noticed with coordinates. I nearly lost my head. The weight of worry shifted slightly, giving way only to nervous excitement. A little optimism even!

The tracker details revealed that the last known location was documented the day Kit went missing at a place called the Richmond  Park.

We put the location into the GPS on Taelor’s phone. Oddly enough, there was a strange warning that popped up before the calculations would complete. I blindly hit okay and pushed on to learn it was a couple of hours drive away. I could also tell from the topology that it was in the middle of nowhere.

In a flash, Taelor was up and heading to his room with the words “I’m going to get my backpack” in his wake. He hadn’t thought twice, so neither did I. I followed his actions, and got geared up too.

We were going to go find Kit ourselves!

We hit the road! After a long long drive, most of which was off road, we approached these giant boulders in an open field. I thought it was a strange place for a park.

After following the beacon on our GPS, and turning right when prompted, things looked totally different. It was beautiful…lots of trees and plants along side the dirt road.

We saw a gate with the name of the park confirming we had reached the right place. But at that moment, there was a notable sound of flapping wings. What I thought was a bird, Taelor corrected by calling it a Pterodactyl.

I was alarmed, not only by his calm, but by the suggestion that he thought that he had just seen a dinosaur. So, I quickly dismissed it, calling it a vulture or something. But there it came, flapping about above and in front of us – again.

Taelor said “Mom, I’m pretty sure that’s a Pterodactyl.”

It was at this point that I couldn’t help but agree, and unlike Taelor, I was far from OKAY with it.


Thoughts flooded my mind. “What kind of place is this?”, “Oh gosh, Kit is in this place? I really hope he is alright”, “I’m scared. I don’t want to go in there, but … KIT!”

Doing my best to keep my fear in check, I was comforted that I had come with my hunting rifle.


Grabbed it, and told Taelor to stick close as we entered and saw a pod that was programmed to give us a tour. I was sure that we would find Kit this way, so we got in…

Nothing prepared me for what we saw as we moved further into the park.


I had to pinch myself. I needed to be dreaming, because this was impossible! Dinosaurs do not exist. Nor should they. We rode past a T-Rex, Raptors….oh my chest! I felt unwell. More thoughts flooded like “Was this legal? Does the US government know this exists?”

At that moment I felt my concerns for Kit’s well being rapidly expand. The thought that my precious 7 year old was last seen in this place was killing me. At that moment, it also seemed abandoned. There was no sound of children laughing or being there. It seemed so….vacant, and that really scared me. I didn’t want to think of Kit as being lost in this place.

Just as I had thought that, the pod broke down and Taelor and I had to walk the rest of the way through a pitch black fog.

We got through it with our flashlights. It was terrifying. Darkness with the distant screeching cries of a variety of Dinosaurs. Unreal!

I was really uncomfortable searching for Kit on foot in this place, but Taelor was surprisingly calm and intrigued.

His amasement and genuine wonder helped me worry less about him. So long as he didn’t dare put his hands anywhere near the cage, I was happy watching him walking the grounds with a significantly lower level of fear than I was.

Sadly, after hours of searching, we didn’t see Kit anywhere. The sun was setting, so we decided to go home and try again later.

Despite feeling discouraged, I saw my son, Taelor, show an impressive amount of growth and strength today. He was brave and remains optimistic that we will find his brother.

As night came, and we went about preparing for bedtime, I let my helplessness melt away in his optimism.

We prayed, and reminded ourselves that we were still The Mistwallowers, which means that we are not one to give up. Same goes for Kit. It dawned on me that Kit was out there somewhere also fighting and not giving up. He is a fighter!

The Mistwallowers will prevail – we WILL find Kit!

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